22 May 2020 / Club News

All Wales Sport Online Rugby Championship

For those who are missing following Town during the lockdown, and for those who need a rugby fix, All Wales Sport have compiled an Online Rugby Championship competition where teams from throughout Wales get the chance to face off against each other in a game of 'Rugby by Numbers'. 

We have entered and have been drawn in pool 8 with Cardiff, Carmarthen Athletic, Chepstow, Colwyn Bay, Crynant, Cwmtwrch Ladies, Ferryside, Gowerton, Haverfordwest Ladies, Senghenydd, Senghenydd Ladies, South Wales Police and Tondu. Each team has selected 8 numbers from a possible 30, and on each match day, 'points' will be randomly assigned to these numbers to give each team their score. League points are awarded as per WRU National League rules.

Matches will be played on Saturdays and Wednesdays, kick off 5pm on both days. We start with a 'home' clash with Ferryside this Saturday and the competition will run through to August.

Click on the following link to follow our progress.

See the All Wales Sport Press Release below:

There will be £900 prize money up for grabs when the inaugural 'free to enter' All Wales Sport Online Welsh Championship kicks off at 5pm on Saturday.

The two hundred and twenty four participating clubs have been split into sixteen Pools of fourteen, and they will play twenty six league games each.

The top four in each Pool qualify for the last sixty four Knockout Cup stage.

For the teams who fail to qualify there will be a second chance, and they will figure in the draw for the knockout stages of the Plate and Bowl competitions. Both with prize money.

Among the 224 teams competing are Premiership giants Cardiff, Carmarthen Quins, Llandovery, Newport, Swansea, and Llanelli as well as London Welsh.

But one team who could trouble them all is Whitchurch Ladies. For sheer entertainment no team came close to matching them in the pre-season friendlies, on or off the pitch. They are well worth a follow on their Twitter account Whitchurch RFC W & G. After giving a number of second team players a run out when going down 20-18 at home to Trimsaran in their opening game, Whitchurch Ladies fielded all their big guns when running Llanelli ragged in a 27-13 win on Sunday.
It was a stunning performance despite playing the last eleven minutes with fourteen players, after play maker Georgie Jones was red carded for tackling the referee by mistake. Claims that the referee was wearing a similar colour jersey to the opposition, broke no ice with match officials and Jones was suspended for two weeks. She will miss the opening Pool game at home to Magor this weekend. 

In other games, Llandeilo host neighbours Carmarthen Quins in Pool 7, while Llanelli and Newport is the big one in Pool 14. Although all games will be played behind closed doors, rugby and sport fans can follow the action 'live' from the safety of their own home by visiting the All Wales Sport website. To follow your favourite team - in 3 simple steps:- 

  1. Go to Follow Your Club and Choose from the Drop Down menu
  2. Scroll down and choose your team
  3. Click Save

Club supporters will be able to see their team's numbers on their pages as well as updated scores from all other games in their Pool. They will not be able to see their opponents’ numbers. Participating clubs have already submitted their 8 numbers between 1 and 30 and these will be ‘locked’ from 11am Saturday until the end of the league programme. No  changes will be allowed.

When the matches are 'in play', the 30 boxes are chosen at random and will turn either 'green' or 'red' - Green (points for your team) or Red (no points for your team). The game program selects all data at random. It will apply to all teams at the same time for 1 match.

The random programme starts again for the next match and so on. e.g if one of your club’s numbers is 8 and the 8 box turns green for a points value – say drop goal 3pts, there’s no guarantee that the same box will turn green again for the next match. It could turn red with no value or green again – no one knows the outcome until the colour of the box is revealed.

The suspense increases when the team you play against might have chosen the same number (8) and you see yours turn green for 3pts only to see the other teams score go up by 3 as well as theirs turns green as well. 

Prize Money:-
Winners: Cup £200 Plate £140 Bowl £100
Losing Finalists: Cup £100 Plate £80 Bowl £50
Losing Semi-finalists: Cup £50 each Plate £40 each Bowl £25 each 

If nothing else, this virtual rugby competition has reignited club social media and will occupy Twitter
accounts for at least the next 12 weeks. As well as wishing all clubs good luck, please remember that the virus is still circulating - stay home, stay safe, protect the ones you love, protect the NHS. 

The On Line Rugby Championship was created and is produced by All Wales Sport Ltd.

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